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Dear Friend

The Ibo tribe (formerly Biafra) resides in eastern Nigeria. Suffering crimes of genocide and oppression, the Ibo attempted to break away from Nigeria through civil war lasting from 1966 into 1970. Following this war, the Ibo essentially became a neglected race ignored by the Nigerian government.

Now, these people are in urgent need of basic necessities that most of us enjoy and take for granted daily: sanitation, medication, education, and most importantly: CLEAN WATER. For the Ibo, clean life-giving water is more precious than gold. Without fresh, clean water, illness and death are a regular part of life. This is due to infectious microorganisms - such as cholera, worms, polio, typhoid and malaria - borne in the water that the villagers must carry from sometimes as far as 10-15 miles from a river filled with disease and pollution, the very water that these people must use for drinking, bathing, cleaning and cooking.

Bridges of Hope Ministries is passionate and dedicated to bring relief to these forgotten and wounded people. We have already drilled two water wells in the Umu-Ezeala village. This has been accomplished through God’s grace along with the help of our compassionate partners and generous volunteers, but we have much work yet to be done. Will you help us with our next projects? Wells for Umu-Anu Village and Amaeke Community Primary School. In addition to a well, the school itself is in desperate need of sanitary bathrooms for the students and brick walls to replace the deteriorating mud walls.

How you can help:

  • Pray for these neglected people and for our Bridges of Hope partners and volunteers
  • Provide funds for this project and future projects through your much needed donations
  • Share your knowledge and/or skills to forward our projects
  • Become a volunteer

Many Blessings!

Columba Nwosu
Bridges of Hope Ministries International

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"For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in…” Matthew 25:35

“Men, women and children work together to clear ground and prepare for the well. ”