The Mission of
Bridges of Hope Ministries International...

  • Water Project
  • We drill clean, safe, water wells in different Villages in South Eastern Nigeria (former Biafra-Ibo Tribe). These wells are designed and engineered in the United States and will serve the needs of an entire village for years to come.

  • Outreach to Rural Communities:

    We also have a passion for reaching out to rural communities with special programs for children with special needs --- children who lost their parents to HIV or AIDS and children with HIV and AIDS. That is why, right now, we’re passionate about the work that Complete Life in Christ is doing in South Africa. We want to support them financially, materially and morally. Here are some of the pictures and work that the Complete Life in Christ is doing in South Africa. »See this PDF attachment«

  • Health care including the development of hospitals and clinics and the delivery of medicines and vaccinations.

    We want to help provide rural hospitals and clinics where patients can receive adequate care for as little a cost as possible. It is our dream to establish hospitals that will provide a kind of 911 system which is directly linked to specific hospitals and clinics. The hospitals will receive donations and medical crews with vaccinations and medical supplies. We believe that when we come to full operation, the infant mortality rate, which is very high in third world countries, can be reduced community by community, as we deliver medicines and sanitary supplies to these rural areas.

  • Education

    Bridges of Hope is committed to bringing basic education to rural areas for children in third world countries. We want to rebuild and/or build new schools, equip them with books and learning amenities, and educate the people on health and sanitation and disease prevention. We already have located some old schools in rural areas that are broken down that we would love to rebuild and equip for learning. We also want to establish some learning centers and public libraries and after- school programs where kids can go to receive free tutorials . (see some pictures of run down classrooms).

  • Apprenticeship programs to teach trades such as sewing, crafts, etc.

    We want to establish local apprenticeship programs so kids that drop out from formal classroom education will have a center where they can receive hands-on training for the skills they choose. They will need to spend a given number of months or years in such training programs so that when they're done their skills will enable them to make a decent living to support themselves and their families. These Trade Schools will be structured around the needs and skills of the teens and young adults, including such skills as sewing, craftwork, wood & metal work, etc.

The Villages We Serve:

Outreach programs to help support rural communities
The first water well will serve the following villages along with other tribes in the area.


  • Type of Settlement: primary village-town
  • Location: Nigeria, Africa
  • Population: 3183 adults
  • Current Distance from Water: 2-walks through primary village; 5 miles
  • This is the village where the well will be located.
  • Type of Settlement: village
  • Location: Nigeria, Africa
  • Current Distance from Water: 10-12 miles
  • Type of Settlement: villages
  • Location: Nigeria, Africa
  • Population: 2382 adults
  • Current Distance from Water: 3-walks through primary village; 10-15 miles